At present teakwood is one of the most outstanding and noble hardwoods in the world; highly valued by its unusual beauty, its rich golden brown luster, strength, and resistance. Endemic of Myanmar (Birmania), Teakwood was introduced to Central and South America over a century ago, and is currently one of the most demanded woods worldwide; mainly because of a rare peculiarity... a protective oil layer that makes it resistant to the aggressions of sun, rain and plagues.

Teak is among the top woods in demand for marine use in Europe; its elegance and resistance to salinity make it the perfect deck and interior material for vessel construction. Asian markets direct teak for high quality carved furniture and floors, while America consumption goes mainly to cabinetmaking, carpentry and decoration articles

Global demand for Teakwood is enormous and exceeds supply many times over, keeping market prices continually rising; consequently so do profit margins. According to the ITTO (international tropical timber organization), last years forestry were among the best, performing 8,4% above the investment value.