• Witness how your heritage grows every day
• Diversify your range of investments at the short and
long run
• Grant stability to your investments
• Enjoy high - performance long term revenues
• Rest assured of favorable global offer/demand
• Subsidies free environmental market
• Excellent supply chain management

• Help keep the world green

The low relation with other real-estate groups allows Forest Investments to be highly interesting for each portfolio (as a stabilizer)” source:
Financial Times 04-2-2003

We recognize qualities in Teak investment that can hardly be matched by other markets; the yield on investment is much higher than conventional endeavors and it’s a tangible asset that can be inspected at any time being.

We are simply one of the smartest business opportunities you can take today for a healthier financial tomorrow. We work with one of the most precious and scarce natural resources on earth: the tropical forest, and we are aware that there are many others such as ourselves that are concerned with the indiscriminate exploitation of our natural forests. This is our primary goal; to motivate people all over the world to invest on our eco-system and at the same time, benefit from optimum capital returns.

The commitment we undertake is to offer our clients peace of mind and the certainty that their investment is carefully managed and permanently monitored. We seek the highest quality in our people, work environment, client service and asset management to assure that all aspects of your investment are taken well care of.